Why am I not receiving any emails from Mantle

Not receiving confirmation/receipt/notification emails from Mantle

Here's a list of things to try that might help you if you have a issue with receiving emails from us.

Check your junk/spam folders

This may be the most common reason why you have not received our email. Check your junk and spam folders to see if the email you are supposed to receive got caught there.

Check your mail filters

Most email services provide some filtering options for inbox sorting and management. Check if a filter might have redirected the email somewhere else.

Check for third party filtering

IF you use a company/corporate/business email address, there might be other services in use that are blocking the emails. You should contact your IT department or email provider to confirm this and they may need to whitelist @mantle.services.

Still not getting emails? 

If you've tried all the the things above and you're still not receiving our emails, feel free to contact us any time.